Beer Brothers Gluten Free Poutine

Delicious Falafel from .

“In addition to gluten free pizzas, burgers, and salads, Beer Brothers serves gluten free fish & chips (a lost treat for most celiacs), and have a variety of good gluten free beer.”

They also have a separate Gluten free fryer!

Chopped Leaf Adds More Options

You can’t make a sandwich with out the bread!


Written by: Kelly Rice founder Gluten Free Regina

We got the inside scoop! The Chopped Leaf on Scarth Street is adding GLUTEN FREE BREAD to their list of options. Gluten free bread means we now get to try their three sandwiches.

Chopped leaf sandwich's Gluten Free Regina

The Chopped Leaf already has tons of gluten free options including their Whole Bowls, salads, GF soups, salad rolls, and cookies. The fact that they have so many options makes them ideal for catering downtown office meetings and parties. They are high quality nutritious meals, which aren’t going to make you feel lethargic for the rest of the afternoon.

The staff is knowledgeable and well trained. They know all about the dangers of cross contamination, as long as you tell them ahead that it has to be gluten free.

I give The Chopped Leaf on Scarth a Gluten Free Regina seal of approval.


1834 Scarth Street

Regina, SK

Phone: 306.525.2467

Cafe Drip

Cafe Drip’s menu is designed around satisfying simplicity. One of our very favourite things is food. Specifically, food that is healthy, delicious, and fast. Adventures abroad have inspired a homecoming for food that fuels, energizes, and leaves us feeling great for the rest of our day; but also food that, if our hectic schedules allow, encourages us to sit down and spend time with friends over a meal. As the city shifts with the culture, Drip offers a fresh new space (and food to match), for everyone looking to try something new.

We should be able to eat food that fuels our body and indulges our tastebuds – food that satisfies both our hunger and desire for flavour. At Drip, we believe healthy and fresh tastes best. Our goal is to use high quality, fresh and local ingredients and products to create delicious on-the-go meals available to people with on-the-go lifestyles.

Drip copy IMG_20140317_132252

***Menu changes weekly along with gluten free options. Serendipity provides gluten free treats and soups made in a separate, completely gluten free kitchen. On Friday’s they bring in gluten free bread for their weekly sandwich 


MON – FRI: 8AM – 5PM
SAT: 9AM – 5PM
1275 Broad Street, Regina, SK S4R 1Y2
(306) 359-3747

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Whether it’s our aged AAA Angus Beef or our extensive collection of Fine Wines and Cognacs, we think you’ll have an exceptional Dining Experience when you visit.  We want you to have a night out to remember!

Let us be your host. Whether it’s a business lunch, family dinner, or group outing, we would love to have you at The Diplomat.

The high-backed booths in the dining room offer a private and intimate setting. There is no need to yell to your tablemates here. You’ll actually be able to hear each other over a nice dinner.

We also have 3 Private Rooms that can accommodate between 8 and 40 people. These rooms are available free of charge to anyone making a request for them in advance.

We’re located right in the heart of Regina, close to Casino Regina and other downtown hotels and amenities.

Located at 2032 Broad Street in Regina, The Diplomat Steakhouse has been operating from the same location since the business opened in February of 1979.

The Diplomat Steakhouse is owned and operated by John, Dimitrios & Peter Makris.

The Diplomat has received 8 Wine Spectator Awards & has been ranked one of the top 100 Restaurants in Canada.

Three World-Class Chefs & the combination of food & atmosphere. The best steaks, big wines, all the while you are surrounded by a surplus of polished oak & red velour booths.

The Staff is most passionate about food & wine and you will feel very comfortable while you dine.

Visit our Cellar and experience the legend. Wines from 1892, Cognacs from 1820, rare collections of port& cognacs. Visitors always make The Diplomat their destination for dining


2032 BROAD ST.
(306) 359-3366


**A note from the owner: Although we do not have a specific gluten free menu, for many years we do offer the safe handling of our meals beings gluten free for those that are gluten free.

Almost our entire menu is gluten free, except some sauces, which we make from scratch and the odd appetizer. Each customer’s preferences/allergies are dealt with on a 1 on 1 basis when they dine here. We are proud that we cater to each customer’s preference.

For other gluten free options see our family restaurants,  19+, Fine Dining, Coffee & Desserts or our Fast Food listings, or maybe you’re looking for a food truck.


“There are places with good food and places with amazing food and all of their food is worse than just about anything from Beer Bros.  If you’re a foodie of any kind you owe it to yourself to try some of their exciting menu.”-
Logan P.


“Beer cuisine stems from the idea that beer is the new wine. Different beers have unique tastes and characteristics and all menu choices have some type of beer used as an ingredient,” says Chef Malcolm Craig. In addition, beer pairings are suggested that complement each meal, elevating the dining experience. “It hadn’t really been done in Saskatchewan, but people sure love it.”

From Beer Brothers Management:

“In addition to gluten free pizzas, burgers, and salads, we serve gluten free fish & chips (a lost treat for most celiacs), and have a variety of good gluten free beer. Cheers!”

After Glow Burger- Beer Brothers

After Glow Burger a gluten free veggie burger

What to expect:

  • Separate gluten free fryer, gluten free beer, as well as markings on the menu.
  • Vegetarian/ gluten free- not the greatest
  • a selection of gluten free beers
  • gluten free buns & bread
Sunday closed
Mon – Tue 11:30 AM – 11:00 PM
Wed – Thu 11:30 AM – midnight
Fri – Sat 11:30 AM – 1:00 AM
The Deli is open 7am to 5pm Monday through FridayThe Deli Breakfast Menu is served until 11am.

1821 Scarth Street
Regina, Saskatchewan