We cater to many dietary needs and are more than happy to alter any of our menu items in order to accommodate the customer.  I have attached all of our menus for you to take a look at – the lunch and brunch menus indicate gluten-free items with an *.  However, on the evening […]

Wendy’s makes life easy for those with allergies and intolerances by providing several allergen resources at http://www.wendys.ca/food/NutritionLanding.jsp. They even have a gluten-free list that is updated regularly. As of July 2013, gluten-free options included:  Wendy’s  has a number of gluten-free options such as our Apple Pecan Salad (without chicken), Chili, and Frosty®. In addition, other menu items like our […]

Thai Express, a new take on traditional Thai Cuisine, joined the MTY family in 2004. Tailored to your taste and prepared fresh when you order Thai Express provides fun, flavourful and healthy meals. Thai Express believes in providing variety, quality and authenticity at our modern food boutiques, adding some exotic (or adding spice) to your […]

Boston Pizza Glutenwise Menu About us Boston Pizza- Serving great food to great people for over 45 years. Started in Edmonton, Alberta in 1964, Boston Pizza is ‘two experiences under one roof’ – a family-friendly casual dining restaurant with a separate sports bar. Two Distinct Dining Experiences Boston Pizza restaurants offer a casual dining setting […]

“There are places with good food and places with amazing food and all of their food is worse than just about anything from Beer Bros.  If you’re a foodie of any kind you owe it to yourself to try some of their exciting menu.”- Logan P.   “Beer cuisine stems from the idea that beer […]

Find out Dairy Queen nutrition, ingredients, and allergen 
information. We know dealing with gluten intolerance can be very difficult and Dairy 
Queen would like to help you enjoy your favorite DQ® treats while still
following a safe diet. We hope the following information will be of 
assistance to you. If you are looking for something other […]

Burger King has breakfast options

Burger King has breakfast options that should be safe for the gluten-intolerant, as long as you skip the croissant (not kidding!) or toasted bun. Burger King has breakfast options. Their gluten-free breakfast items include: Omelet Sausage patty Sliced ham Bacon Strawberry banana smoothie Burger King has breakfast options that should be safe for the gluten-intolerant, as long as you skip the […]