Bite n’ Brew

1433 Hamilton Street, #107, Regina, SK, Canada, Saskatchewan

(306) 737-8718

A Message to Gluten Free Regina:

We always have a few sweet gluten friendly treats on hand including Belgian Chocolate Covered Gluten Free Oreos, Housemade Sorbet, . We always keep vegan gluten free bread in our pantry. Our meats are all roasted in house so they are gluten friendly. For our sandwiches, we have ham, roast beef, turkey, salami, vegan herbed chickpea, and turkey/egg/tuna/ham salad. All of our soups are made in house and we very seldom use flour in them. Our signature Split Pea and Ham, Chili, and Baked Beans are all gluten friendly and we also try and keep another gluten friendly option in the freezer if needed. We have a Vegan Gluten Friendly Chickpea Quinoa Salad that is quickly becoming a favourite. We keep sliced cheese on hand to use instead of our shredded cheese for certain menu items. We will basically do whatever we can to meet dietary restrictions. We have several celiac clients who are quickly becoming regulars because they know we care and understand. With 24-48 hours notice, we are also able to bake gluten friendly items.

Wendy and Jaimie

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