Gluten Free Pizza



Gluten-Free Pizza in Regina?

Regina’s has some of the best “Normal” pizza and some of the best doughs and crusts from locally-owned restaurants and pizzerias. Gluten-free pizza options in Regina are not limited and are not always the best.  When ordering keep in mind to ask about their cross-contamination and mention the severity of your intolerance or disease.

Here are some options of places to try and a few words if we’ve tried them. Remember everyone likes different, tastes, textures, and flavours. We’ve included the chain restaurants too.  We’d love to hear your opinion. Email us,

No delivery
The pizza is great, the portion is small
$7.00 up-charge
Thin crust, great taste, doesn’t deliver East Of Winnipeg Street
Pizza Hut
Staff unknowledgeable. Pizza is garbage.

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Maybe some Family options?