Domino’s Pizza

From the business:
“We have a 10” gluten free crust pizza.
The price is $12.49 for a cheese, and each additional topping is $1.00.

We have a special on for all students, which is 50% off all regular priced pizzas and bread products, so for a student this pizza would be half price.

Also, we have a doubles pricing, for all people, who order more than one pizza. If u buy one pizza at regular price, up to your next 4 pizzas will be 50% off. So the most expensive pizza is regular price and up to the next 4 pizzas will be half off.

We also have chicken wings and coke products that are gluten free.

According to the most recent assessment of scientific data, foods containing gluten at levels not exceeding 20 PPM would not pose a health risk to the vast majority of individuals with Celiac Disease or to individuals with gluten sensitivity. The level of gluten found in our pizza made with a Gluten Free Crust is below 20 PPM.”


2150 Victoria Ave E
(306) 757-3434

4211 Albert St
(306) 586-8886

4523 Rochdale Blvd
(306) 545-4545

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