Bon Burger


Servicing our local economy is our main priority here at bon burger.  We are proud to deal with many great local suppliers.

Our premium beef, raised by Dan Howell from Hi Low Angus, is dry aged for fourteen days and patties are hand formed daily on the truck.Our signature sauces and gravy are made from scratch from locally sourced produce.

Our bon frites(fries) are hand-cut, double fried, and served in a cone.

All of our product is prepared, cooked, and served with the utmost attention to detail.


*When people ask for gluten free options we always offer a burger in a boat, fries, or poutine. Our burger varieties are always evolving but we offer many flavourful toppings.

Location: Everywhere

index_49_2994386300Our beef is purchased locally and is mixed, seasoned with love, formed and cooked right on the truck. Our french fries are cut to order, double cooked and prepared however you like them. Our products are always fresh and we value customer feedback greatly. 6982440

Contact: 306-519-6889

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