Cauliflower Tortillas/ Pizza Crust

This is a delicious recipe that you can’t even tell is cauliflower. The tortilla/crust sticks together better than most store bought products.

You can spice the tortilla/crust mix anyway thats suits the recipe. The cauliflower absorbs spice flavours, making it a chameleon vegetable. I was surprised at the amazing results I had!
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This is the same recipe I use for pizza crust- Just thicker. I also used cheese cloth instead of a towel, worked just as good. I also left the core in, I don’t know if that made a differance.

– Make sure to use Parchment paper on your pan (silicon liners do not work the same)!
– If you’re making pizza crust- cook until the underside is brown, then flip it over (and cook the other side for a few more minutes

1 head of cauliflower
2 eggs
(season as desired)

My creation:

Cauliflower pizza- Gluten free regina copy

Cauliflower crust pizza:
In the crust I added oregano, salt and garlic.
Tomato sauce, basil, tomatos, cheese (I didn’t have mozzarella) and balsamic vinegar.
My husband HATES cauliflower, I tested this out on him (without telling him of course). He had no clue what he was eating and said he really enjoyed it. (I won’t be telling him that it’s)