Chats Vietnamese

Chats is located in Regina, Sask. celebrates the richness and diversity of Vietnamese cuisine and culture through creative dishes and contemporary methods with a mostly gluten-free menu.


Eat in, order online for delivery or pick-up. “All items are gluten-free”!

Just came from Chats Vietnamese. I ordered the GF shrimp spring rolls and GF Grilled Tamarind Chicken with GF fried rice. The spring rolls are the gluten free hero we’ve all been longing for. The tamarind chicken came breaded and deep fried (assured me it’s gluten free too). It looks like a traditional sweet and sour chicken with fried bell pepper and celery. It was sweet and savoury with a bit of kick from the tamarind. There was SO MUCH CHICKEN on my plate and it was so delicious. The fried rice was nothing special, but a nice fresher version and not your traditional over cooked rice, egg and MSG mixture you’re used to. I honestly love the food here. The only thing I’m not crazy about are the fresh rolls because the rice wrap is a bit too chewy. Service is a bit slow, but quality and freshness of reinvigorated Vietnamese food is a nice change, especially with all the gluten free options.

I tried Chats Vietnamese for lunch today. Truly a hidden Jem. 💎 Service was amazing, & food was SO good!! The majority of their menu is gluten free. They have a separate Gluten free fryer, plus they have gluten free spring rolls

Opening Hours
Mon – Sun: 11:00am – 8:15pm​​

3243 Quance Street, Regina
SK S4V 3B7

(306) 559 3866