Dairy Queen

Find out Dairy Queen nutrition, ingredients, and allergen 

We know dealing with gluten intolerance can be very difficult and Dairy 
Queen would like to help you enjoy your favorite DQ® treats while still
following a safe diet. We hope the following information will be of 
assistance to you. If you are looking for something other than the
 products listed, please check out our nutrition calculator at one of the
links below.


Our nutrition calculator offers nutrition, ingredients, and allergen 
information for approved menu items within the DQ system. The nutrition
calculator is updated on an on-going basis with the newest information on
products and promotions, as we strive to provide the most accurate,
up-to-date information.

Dairy Queen -Gluten_Sensitive

We are happy to inform you that the following DQ products do not contain

• Vanilla and chocolate soft serve
• Arctic Rush® slush (all flavors)
• These toppings for Shakes and Sundaes: Chocolate, Caramel, Hot Fudge,
Marshmallow, and Strawberry
• MooLatté® frozen blended coffee drinks in vanilla or mocha without
whipped topping
• These manufactured novelties: DQ Fudge Bar and DQ Vanilla Orange Bar
• These Blizzard® Treat Flavors: Reese’s® Peanut Butter Cup, Banana Split,
Skor and Strawberry (note that Blizzard cakes often have additional
ingredients and Blizzard cakes made with these flavors may contain
gluten )
• From our food line, I would recommend trying a plain original or
GrillBurger™ hamburger patty, grilled chicken patty, or hot dog, prepared
without a bun.

Many of our Blizzard candies and toppings contain wheat, rye, oats, and/or
barley that would not be safe for a customer with gluten intolerance.
Please note that the Blizzard mixing machine is used for all flavors and
so cross-contact may occur on any Blizzard flavor treat. As DQ stores and
restaurants are very busy, there is always a chance of cross contact of
gluten in any DQ product.

For your safety, we recommend you notify the staff at the DQ location of
your allergy or intolerance before placing your order and request they
thoroughly clean the Blizzard machine before blending your Blizzard to
reduce the risk of cross-contact.

Additionally, please double check all of this information regarding food
and treats with your local restaurant.

* High cross contamination (It’s * High cross contamination (It’s rumoured some locations in the city have separate fryers for gluten free items) some locations in the city have separate fryers for gluten free items)

DAIRY QUEEN/ORANGE JULIUS TREAT CTR – 2102 – 11th Avenue 2102 – 11th Avenue 306-525-0400
DQ GRILL & CHILL RESTAURANT – 1916 Elphinstone St 1916 Elphinstone St 306-565-0099
DQ GRILL & CHILL RESTAURANT – 2080 Park St 2080 Park St 306-525-3000
DQ GRILL & CHILL RESTAURANT – 3151 Truesdale Drive 3151 Truesdale Drive 306-761-2466
DQ GRILL & CHILL RESTAURANT – 353 N Albert St 353 N Albert St 306-543-0727
DQ GRILL & CHILL RESTAURANT – 4020 Albert St 4020 Albert St 306-584-1988
DQ GRILL & CHILL RESTAURANT – 4203 Rochdale Blvd N 4203 Rochdale Blvd N 306-779-2222
DQ GRILL & CHILL RESTAURANT – Harbour Landing Bldg 18 Harbour Landing Bldg 18 306-949-2011
DQ GRILL & CHILL RESTAURANT – Normanview Mall Normanview Mall 306-775-1888
ORANGE JULIUS STORE – 2965 Gordon Road 2965 Gordon Road 306-584-1061
ORANGE JULIUS STORE – F-2-365 N Albert St F-2-365 N Albert St 306-545-7400


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