Gluten Free Regina is an online resource for people visiting or living in Regina, who would like information on different places to eat in and around the area.

Regina has many restaurants, bakeries, and coffee shops. Gluten-Free Regina talks/ reviews good and bad experiences.  We have been miles ahead of most cities across the country. Chefs and Restaurants take pride in their food and have accommodated a lot of allergens. We always suggest local places. Support local chefs, restaurants, markets, companies et. They are the ones who are the most accommodating. 

If there is an opinion or review.

We try not to review awful places. We’d rather leave our opinion on good places.

Needless to say, we eat at a lot of garbage places. We want to list ALL the restaurants we can. We have written responses from owners which is included on the listings. We won’t leave bad comments- We just won’t comment. Or if it’s something that grinds our gears we will.

No comment could mean we haven’t been there yet as well.

Please feel free to recommend restaurants  

 This is a great article on: If eating out is safe for Celiacs

Things to know:

*If you click on the companies logo, it will take you to their website.

* We are working on a safety rating system

* Menus often change seasonally- Unless they send us a new one, they may be old or not COVID menus- Call to make sure or check their website

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