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M&M Meat Shops is proud to be Canada’s largest retail chain of specialty frozen foods with locations coast to coast. We offer a delectable selection of more than 375 mouth-watering products. You’ll find your trusted family favourites plus exciting new tastes to satisfy the most selective palates. And, the majority of our dishes are ready to thaw-and-serve or heat-and-serve to make meal prep easier for you.

The M&M Concept

The M&M concept is simple: provide our customers with the finest quality products at affordable prices in the most customer-friendly way.

Each store is set up with one convenient aisle and large, glass-door freezers to display our products. You can easily view our entire selection, making your shopping experience much easier compared to visiting several aisles in a large grocery store. And, you’ll be served at the counter by our fully trained and certified Product Consultants. They’ll happily answer any questions you may have, as well as provide helpful preparation tips and meal suggestions.

We currently offer more than 375 products, the majority of which are flash-frozen. Flash freezing ensures retention of natural flavour and nutrition, and allows meats to be aged perfectly before being frozen quickly. Fruits and vegetables are frozen at their height of ripeness. Products are portioned for ease of cooking and before anything reaches our stores, all of our products undergo vigorous quality testing.


Answering to Lifestyle Changes

There’s no doubt the number one reason for our success is the quality and selection of our products, but that’s not the entire story.

M&M founder Mac Voisin had the foresight to realize, in the early ‘80s, that our lifestyle was going through a significant change. Collectively our lives were getting fuller and fuller. Many families have both parents working. Finding the time to prepare a meal from scratch is getting more and more difficult, yet we don’t want to lose that family mealtime tradition.

“At the end of the day we’re all looking for a good, wholesome meal that’s fast and easy to prepare without costing an arm and a leg,” explains Founder and Chairman Mac Voisin.

M&M Meat Shops answers the call with our extensive line of products, which range from a wide assortment of frozen hors d’oeuvres, to desserts, to gourmet meals, to family

See their whole Gluten Free Menu


Went there cause I had a craving for cake. They have restaurant quality deserts.



“NOTE: These products were specially made in a food production facility operating under gluten-free certification.”

2526 Quance St
Regina, SK
(306) 789-6328

5875 Rochdale Blvd
Regina, SK
(306) 949-2216

2965 Gordon Rd
Regina, SK
(306) 359-6328


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