Moose sausages, stuffed with cheese, wrapped in bacon


So, my meals usually are vegetarian, but my husband is a MEAT EATER so this is what I prepared for him this afternoon:
Gluten free moose sausage (courtesy of my pops) stuffed with cheddar cheese, then wrapped in thick bacon. I covered them in purple onions. I put them in the slow roaster on high at 2:00pm took them out at 6:00pm. I then put the broiler at 400 degrees and turned them every few minutes until the bacon crisped up. 10 mins. About.

For him I bought sub buns (Udi’s is coming out with sub buns- can’t wait) but it could easily be put in a GF wrap. On the side he had coleslaw (His favorite).

Tips and tricks:

• Try and make a little of a slit in the casing that way the cheese doesn’t just spill out.
• I cut the cheese into long spears and pushed them to the ends of the sausage, making sure all of the sausage has cheese
• Toothpick the bacon onto the sausage
• I lined the slow cooker with tinfoil, then put an upside down tinfoil pie plate with holes cut into it on the bottom so the wouldn’t be swimming in bacon grease.