**This is depending on your sensitivity. Their gravy also doesn’t have gluten in it. But this may vary store to store.

On tNew York Fries website they have this:
I have celiac disease. Can I eat your product?
We use no coatings or preservatives in our fries, and we cook our potatoes in 100% pure sunflower oil, so technically we do not have any gluten in our fries. However, there is gluten present in our stores in our seasonings on the front counter and in our sauces, so there is a small chance of cross contamination.

  • Their French fries contain no wheat or gluten, and their fryers are used only for French fries.
  • All poutines, including the original recipe with gravy, Braised Beef, Butter Chicken, and Works, are gluten-free!
  • All veggies, the cheese sauce, and their chili are also gluten-free.New York Fries

The catch is that the gravy, poutine sauces, Cajun seasoning, cheese sauce, and chili are made in plants where gluten is present, so they cannot guarantee that there has been no contamination. California seasoning, malt vinegar, hot dogs, and buns are not gluten-free.


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