A 100% gluten free catering, serving Regina and surrounding areas with a large assortment of delicious gluten free foods.


– an aptitude for making a desirable discovery by accident.
– good fortune; luck. A pleasant surprise; a fortunate mistake.

My name is Kathryn Santha, and my career began by accident.

Growing up in my family the food was always extravagant and creative, and at a young age I inherited my mother’s passion for food; she always had a knack for making things taste extraordinary. It turned into my passion too, well… my 2nd passion.

My first passion was always soccer. I turned down a culinary scholarship on the west coast to play for the University of Regina Cougars where I was an everyday starting defender. It was in my second year with the Cougars when I tore my ACL. After undergoing reconstructive surgery to repair it, I got sick.

Very sick. Eight stubborn months of sick. When the doctors explained that I had Celiac Disease – and concluded it was triggered during the surgery – luck was scarce and courage was out of touch. Celiac is forever. I toiled at the U of R during my rehabilitation, switching majors and skipping class, but I had a really hard time adjusting to my new gluten free lifestyle. Nothing tasted extraordinary. I didn’t eat. My hair fell out. My amazing mother did what moms do best. She helped me get my diet on track while experimenting with our family recipes – twisting and turning them gluten free. What a difference she made in my life!

My mother and I started Serendipity Gluten-Free Catering to prove that gluten-free food can be amazing; even if it turns out to be an accident.

**Provides secondary treats for Cafe Drip

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