TacoTime first said, “Hola, Canada” in 1978 when Jim Penny opened the first store in Lethbridge, Alberta. You’ll now find 125 franchises across Canada. MTY Food Group, a Canadian company, acquired TacoTime Canada in 2008 and now operates 28 fast food concepts.

We’ve built our business on authentic food and friendly service! TacoTime fans know Vicente, the voice of TacoTime, but did you know Vicente moved to Canada from Mexico in 1999. Feeling homesick he visited TacoTime and soon joined the Team. Vicente continues helping TacoTime keep it real as a Regional Manager for our chain!

Amigos, TacoTime is dedicated to quality ingredients and special extras that are rare in fast food chains…like starting each day with slicing fresh tomatoes and preparing our original recipe salsa! We use only quality ground beef, real Canadian Cheddar cheese, and hand-stretched tortillas to deliver the fresh taste of Mexico, eh!

***Their Corn shell vegetarian tacos are gluten free but fried in the same fryer as non-gluten free items.


2965 Gordon Road
Regina, SK
(306) 586-7944

Cornwall Centre, 2102 11 Ave
Regina, SK
(306) 781-6998
1930 Prince Of Wales Dr
Regina, SK
(306) 205-7915