Tony Roma’s



Tony Roma’s is a full service, casual dining family restaurant where you can find premier BBQ ribs and steaks in locations across the world. With over 150 family restaurant locations on six continents, Tony Roma’s is one of the most globally recognizable names in the industry. From Miami to Los Angeles, Orlando to Edmonton, and Tokyo to Madrid, Tony Roma’s serves its signature BBQ ribs, world famous onion loaf, and other steak, chicken and seafood entrees to thousands of guests every day.

The first “Tony Roma’s” was opened in North Miami, Florida on January 20, 1972. The family restaurant featured casual décor, comfortable ambience and the feel of a neighborhood bar. The menu was simple and consisted of great tasting food, reasonable prices, late evening service and nightly live entertainment. Baby Back Ribs emerged as the house specialty with people traveling miles to sample the signature product. Tony Roma’s Place soon became one of Miami’s most popular and successful restaurants and firmly established its niche in the marketplace.

In January 1976, Clint Murchison Jr., a Texas financier and owner of the Dallas Cowboys was in Miami for the Super Bowl. After sampling Tony Roma’s Ribs and Cole Slaw, he was convinced they were the best he had ever tasted. He offered to purchase the majority of the U.S. Franchise rights and establish a jointly owned company…Roma Corporation to fund aggressive growth and expansion.

The second restaurant was opened in Broward County, Florida in 1976 and in December of that year the first West Coast restaurant opened in Beverly Hills. The opening was in true Hollywood tradition with numerous celebrities and sports figures in attendance. Over the next five years new Tony Roma’s were opened in Florida, California, Hawaii, Nevada, New York, Tennessee and Texas. The first international Tony Roma’s, a Franchise, was also opened in Japan on August 9, 1979.

The first domestically franchised Tony Roma’s family steakhouse was opened in July 1982 in San Jose, California. In 1983, Tony Roma transferred his development rights to Roma Corporation and the following year Clint Murchison Jr. sold his interest in Roma to his children. The headquarters was moved to Dallas, Texas and the company continued to grow both in Company and Franchise restaurant development. In 1991, Romacorp, Inc. was created as an overall reorganization of the Roma companies. Since the Murchison days the company has changed hands a few times, most recently in late 2004 and is now operated under the guidance of 3 major private equity firms.

Expansion has been strong in Latin America and the Caribbean as well as continued growth in Asia, Europe, Canada and the United States. Tony Roma’s today has Company and Franchise operations throughout the world. The company’s worldwide sales are in excess of $290 Million and the system is approximately 90% operated by Franchise Partners. Approximately 75% of the restaurants are operated outside of the U.S.

Since its beginning nearly 40 years ago, Tony Roma’s has been focused on serving its signature Baby Back Ribs. The company has won numerous awards across the country for the “Best Ribs” and also has won nationally acclaimed industry recognition as “The Best Ribs in America”.

Tony Roma’s is not just a place for ribs anymore. We have expanded our menu to focus on variety for all guests; not just rib eaters. We have an extensive selection of Steaks and Seafood entrees along with the most unique appetizers and mini desserts in our segment today. We have redesigned our buildings and our service to meet the ever-changing mindset of our guests.

The Company’s mission is “Great Food delivered by Professional, Friendly Team Members resulting in Guest loyalty… Worldwide.”

• Gluten – Boneless Chicken Breast Pieces, Ranch Dressing (Wheat)
Loaf of bread and butter.
• Gluten – French Bread (Wheat)
Crispy Calamari rings
• Gluten – Breaded Calamari Rings (Wheat, Barley, Malt), Fryer Oil
KICKIN’ Shrimp
• Gluten – Kicking’ Shrimp Flour (Wheat, Barley, Malt), Fry Oil
• Gluten – Breaded Onions (Wheat, Barley Malt), Fry Oil
Potato SKINS
• Gluten – Potato Skins (Fry Oil)
Roasted Vegetable Tuscan flatbread
• Gluten – Flatbread Crust (Wheat), Fried Eggplant (Wheat)
Roma’s Sampler
• Gluten – Onion Loaf (Wheat), Breaded Chicken Breast Pieces (Wheat), Spinach Artichoke Dip
(Wheat), Tortilla Chips (Fry Oil)
Seared AHI Tuna
• Gluten – Marinated Tuna Steak, Wasabi Ginger Sauce, Wasabi Finishing Sauce (Wheat)
Spinach artichoke Dip
• Gluten – Spinach Artichoke Dip (Wheat), Tortilla Chips (Fry Oil)
Steak & WILD Mushroom flatbread
• Gluten – Flatbread Crust
Baked potato Soup
• Gluten – Potato Soup (Wheat), Crackers (Wheat)
CHICKEN Tortellini
• Gluten – Chicken Tortellini Soup (Wheat), Crackers (Wheat)
CHICKEN Tortilla
• Gluten – Chicken Tortilla Soup (Wheat), Tortilla Strips (Fry Oil), Crackers (Wheat)
Chipotle Sausage & roasted Vegetable Soup
• Gluten – Roasted Vegetable Soup (Wheat), Wild Rice Blend (Wheat)
Lobster Bisque
• Gluten – Lobster Bisque, Crackers (Wheat)
Mushroom Brie
• Gluten – Mushroom Brie (Wheat), Crackers (Wheat)

Filet Medallions
• Gluten – None
8 OZ. filet Mingo
• Gluten – None
8 OZ. Steakhouse flat Iron
• Gluten – Steakhouse Sauce, Wild Rice Blend
8 OZ. flat Iron Steak
• Gluten – None
12 OZ. NEW York Strip
• Gluten – None
14 OZ. rib EYE
• Gluten – None

Steak Toppings
Southwestern Bacon CHIMMICHurrI
• Gluten – None
Balsamic reduction & Dijon Mustard Sauce
• Gluten – None
Sun-Dried pesto & Blue CHEESE Crust
• Gluten – None
WILD Mushrooms
• Gluten – None

MOjO-GRILLED Mahi Mahi WITH pineapple Salsa
• Gluten – Wild Rice Blend (Wheat)
Shrimp & Salmon picket
• Gluten – PIccata Sauce (Wheat), Wild Rice Blend (Wheat)
Tr’S fish grill – Mahi Mahi
• Gluten – Wild Rice Blend (Wheat)
Tr’S fish grill – Salmon
• Gluten – Wild Rice Blend (Wheat)

Filet Medallions & grilled Salmon COMBO
• Gluten – Cabernet Demi Glace (Wheat), Broccoli (Herb Butter)
Filet Medallions & ribs COMBO
• Gluten – Cabernet Demi Glace (Wheat)
Filet Medallions & Shrimp Scampi COMBO
• Gluten – Cabernet Demi Glace (Wheat)
Ribs & Bibs 1/4 CHICKEN COMBO
• Gluten – None
Ribs & South Miami fried Shrimp COMBO
• Gluten – Breaded Shrimp (Wheat), Fry Oil
Ribs & grilled Salmon COMBO
• Gluten – None
• Gluten – Chicken Tender (Wheat), Fry Oil
THE Original Baby Back ribs
• Gluten – Bourbon Barbecue Sauce (Wheat)
Bountiful Beef ribs
• Gluten – Bourbon Barbecue Sauce (Wheat)
Beef Short rib
• Gluten – Cabernet Demi Glace (Wheat)
ST. Louis ribs
• Gluten – Bourbon Barbecue Sauce (Wheat)
ST. Louis rib Sampler
• Gluten – None

TONY’S Asian Salads
• Gluten – Fried Won Ton Strips, Pan-Asian Dressing, Chicken Tenders
Bleu CHEESE Wedge Chop
• Gluten – None
Caesar Salad
• Gluten – Croutons (Wheat)
Calamari Caesar Salad
• Gluten – Breaded Calamari (Wheat), Fry Oil, Croutons (Wheat)
Chipotle CHICKEN Salad
• Gluten – Chipotle Garlic Sauce (Wheat), Cheese Quesadillas (Wheat), Southwestern Dressing (Wheat)
Grilled CHICKEN & fIre roasted Vegetable Salad
• Gluten – Flatbread Pieces (Wheat)
Fire KISSED peach & Country STYLE CHICKEN Salad
• Gluten – Poultry Flour (Wheat, Barley, Malt) Fry Oil
Fresh garden Salad
• Gluten – None
Orchard Harvest Chop Salad
• Gluten – Apple Citrus Vinaigrette (Wheat)
Roma’s Caesar Dinner Salad
• Gluten – Croutons (Wheat)
Roma’s House Dinner Salad
• Gluten – Croutons (Wheat), Apple Citrus
Vinaigrette Dressing (Wheat), Pan Asian Dressing (Wheat), Ranch Dressing
Seared AHI Tuna Salad
• Gluten – Marinated Tuna (Wheat), Won Ton Strips (Wheat)
Southern peach Salad
• Gluten – None
Strawberry pecan Salad
• Gluten – None
Tenderloin & roasted Vegetable Salad
• Gluten – Eggplant (Wheat)

CHICKEN Capers Panini
• Gluten – Panini Bread (Wheat)
CHICKEN jack & Bacon Sandwich
• Gluten – Hamburger Bun (Wheat)
• Gluten – Panini Bread (Wheat)
Pulled pork Ribs Sandwich
• Gluten – Hamburger Bun (Wheat)
Steak Tenderloin CIabatta
• Gluten – Ciabatta Bun (Wheat), Brown Herb Sauce (Wheat)
Turkey Cheddar MELT
• Gluten – Texas Toast (Wheat), Onion Rings (Wheat), Fry Oil

• Gluten – None, French Fries (Fry Oil)
• Gluten – Boneless Chicken Breast Pieces (Wheat), Ranch Dressing (Wheat), French Fries (Fry Oil)
FIre grilled Harvest Valley CHICKEN
• Gluten – None, Wild Rice (Wheat)
• Gluten – None, Wild Rice (Wheat)
Grilled CHICKEN Spinach Stack
• Gluten – Spinach Artichoke Dip (Wheat), Wild Rice Blend (Wheat)

Beef Stroganoff
• Gluten – Brown Herb Sauce (Wheat), Pappardelle Pasta (Wheat)
CHICKEN Alfredo Florentine
• Gluten – Light Alfredo Sauce (Wheat), Linguine (Wheat)
CHICKEN Caprese pasta
• Gluten – Pappardelle (Wheat)
Rustic Italian Sausage pasta
• Gluten – Pappardelle Noodles (Wheat)
Shrimp Scampi pasta
• Gluten – Chipotle Garlic Sauce (Wheat), Linguine (Wheat)

Bistro Burger
• Gluten – Hamburger Bun (Wheat), French Fries (Fry Oil)
Steakhouse Burger
• Gluten – Hamburger Bun (Wheat), Cabernet Demi Glace (Wheat)
Cajun ONION Burger
• Gluten – Hamburger Bun (Wheat), Chipotle Mustard (Wheat), Fried Onions (Wheat), Fry Oil
WILD Mushroom Havarti Burger
• Gluten – Hamburger Bun (Wheat)
Memphis Burger
• Gluten – Hamburger Bun (Wheat)
Sundried Bleu CHEESE Burger
• Gluten – Hamburger Bun (Wheat)

Lunch Features
Turkey & Bourbon BBQ ONION Sandwich
• Gluten – Ciabatta Bun (Wheat), Bourbon Barbecue Onions (Wheat)
Kung pao CHICKEN Taco
• Gluten – Flour Tortilla (Wheat), Kung Paso Sauce (Wheat)
Fresh Eggplant & roasted red pepper Sandwich
• Gluten – Ciabatta Bread (Wheat)
• Gluten – None, Wild Rice (Wheat)
Grilled CHICKEN Spinach Stack
• Gluten – Spinach Artichoke Dip (Wheat), Wild Rice Blend (Wheat)
• Gluten – None, French Fries (Fry Oil)
CHICKEN Caprese pasta
• Gluten – Pappardelle (Wheat)
Shrimp Scampi pasta
• Gluten – Chipotle Garlic Sauce (Wheat), Linguine (Wheat)
South Miami fried Shrimp
• Gluten – Breaded Shrimp (Wheat), French Fries (Fry Oil)

Filet Medallions
• Gluten – None
The Original Baby Back Ribs
• Gluten – Bourbon Barbecue Sauce (Wheat)
Bountiful Beef Ribs
• Gluten – Bourbon Barbecue Sauce (Wheat)
St. Louis Ribs
• Gluten – Bourbon Barbecue Sauce (Wheat)

Lunch features
Calamari Caesar Salad
• Gluten – Breaded Calamari, Fry Oil (Wheat), Croutons (Wheat)
TONY’S Asian Salad*
• Gluten – Fried Won Ton Strips, Pan-Asian Dressing, Chicken Tenders
TONY’S grilled Salmon Asian Salad*
• Gluten – Fried Won Ton Strips, Pan-Asian Dressing
Caesar Salad
• Gluten – Croutons (Wheat)
Bacon Mac & CHEESE
• Gluten – Macaroni & Cheese (Wheat), Asia go Bread Crumbs (Wheat)
Baked potato

• Gluten – None
• Gluten – None
• Gluten – None
Creamed Spinach
• Gluten – Creamed Spinach (Wheat)
FIre- roasted Vegetables
• Gluten – None
French fries
• Gluten – French Fries (Fry Oil)
Loaded Mashed potatoes
• Gluten – None
Mashed SWEET potatoes
• Gluten – None
Natural Chips & bleu CHEESE quest
• Gluten – Natural Chips (Fry Oil)
Ranch STYLE Beans
• Gluten – None
Roasted garlic green Beans
• Gluten – Green Beans (Fry Oil)
• Gluten – Wild Rice (Wheat)

Bourbon pecan Cupcake
• Gluten – Vanilla Cupcake (Wheat), Bourbon Caramel Sauce (Wheat)
Chocolate Chunk COOKIE Sandwich
• Gluten – Chocolate Chip Cookies (Wheat)
Golden apple Tart
• Gluten – Apple Tart (Wheat)
Raspberry Brownie royal
• Gluten – Brownies (Wheat)
• Gluten – Red Velvet Cake (Whet)
Shortcake WITH fresh Strawberry Sauce
• Gluten – Shortcake (Wheat)
Strawberry Cheesecake
• Gluten – Cheesecake (Wheat)

KID’S Menu
Kid’s French Fries –
• Gluten –
Chicken Tenders (Wheat), French Fries (Fry Oil)
Fried Shrimp*
• Gluten – Breaded Shrimp (Wheat), French Fries (Fry Oil)
• Gluten – Hamburger Bun (Wheat), French Fries (Fry Oil)
• Gluten – Pizza (Wheat), French Fries (Fry Oil)
Macaroni & CHEESE*
• Gluten – Macaroni & Cheese (Wheat), French Fries (Fry Oil)
• Gluten – French Fries (Fry Oil)
Dirt Cup*
• Gluten – Dirt Cup (Wheat), Oreo Crumbles (Wheat)
• Gluten – Oreo Crumbs (Wheat)

4450 Albert St, Regina, SK S4S
(306) 586-7427