I hate wasting food, but I always cook way too much. That’s why I’ve started freezing my leftovers in single serving portions!

If you were to buy a gluten-free and vegetarian frozen meal from the store it costs at least $7 plus tax. When I stay out at the farm I would find myself buying WAY too many store-bought microwaveable dinners because we don’t have an oven or a stove. This year I’ve been committed to vacuum sealing leftovers and freezing it.

I am so happy I started doing this. It saves me money and gets rid of leftovers you get sick of. This is also perfect for lunches for one!

On my wedding registry, I asked for a Foodsaver knowing I bake a lot. The Anderson Family delivered and I’ve been using it ever since. I cook a lot, and I’ve started to freeze the leftovers to save the waste! Oh and guess what, BPA Free!

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